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<<February 2020>>

I am glad you visited my web and I hope that you not just only choose something but also inspire yourself and learn something new.

Through this web I would like to offer you historical items and wares, which I make almost everytime under open sky with only hand tools and above all with love to my craft which is so interesting.

You can find here also handcrafted items from my friends, which are also members of our association or its close friends. I would like to make a point that some items on the photo can be slightly different from those which you buy (by its shape for example). It's because I make everything in my hands so as you can not find two exactly same antlers, you also cannot find exactly same products from them

I produce mostly replicas of early medieval products, but I also make items for other periods of history and sometimes even for fantasy. Another of my specialities is custom production. After personal contract is possible to make almost everything for any historical period or nation. For fishermen and hunters I offer production of knives with engravings of fish and animals in handle, for lovers of eccentric fashion for example earrings and amulets from tops of antlers or teeth. Few photographies of my products you can see in gallery of custom production.

Short introduce: My name is David Tůma, but people mostly know me as Dagfari Hrut which is my nickname.

I am chief of civil association for living history Midgard, on it's web you can find plenty of information about Vikings and life in early medieval Europe.

My biggest hobby and today even work is experimental archeology, mostly early medieval period in Scandinavia – so Vikings, their lifestyle, fighting techniques, mythology and of course crafts. With all this I started back in 2000 and now I am a part of organization of several historical events in Czech republic and I am reguraly part of those events even in Germany or Poland.

On historical events you can almost everytime find me in my fully equiped Viking tent which is equiped with historicaly accurate furniture such as chests, bed and other items. Everything including my Viking costume is straight replica from 9-10 century. My tent serves me not only as a place to sleep but also as selling stall and workshop, because in my free time on these events I give performance of engraving and making tools and items of daily use from antlers and bones. This ancient craft, which I try to reenact and show it to my audience becomes from my hobby to my job and I really appreciate people which can value it, buys something or praise my work

David „Dagfari Hrut“ Tůma